Training Baseball Professionals since 2001


Xtremeline Baseball International promotes international baseball in three ways:

1. Baseball Tours

Do you love traveling? Do you love baseball? We give ballplayers a chance to see new places, meet new people, and experience new cultures while playing baseball overseas.

2. International Camps

Our international camps are geared towards European players interested in playing college or pro baseball in the U.S. For an affordable price, players will receive individualized professional instruction, evaluation, and possible college recruitment for great baseball programs in the United States. The Xtremeline baseball program is the quintessential experience providing professional instruction and career direction for committed students of the game. Through advanced training and conditioning techniques under the guidance of our major league executive director, Fred Ferreira, Xtremeline Baseball School Camp positions players to accomplish their goals.

3. International Player Placement

Looking to extend your pro career overseas? Sign-up with Xtremeline Baseball International’s exclusive “Player Placement Services” and upload your profile today! Our services will provide you with access to baseball leagues across the world, including every country in Europe, the Australian winter leagues, Asia, and winter and summer leagues throughout Latin America.  Our international staff has helped placed hundreds of players over the years with our extensive connections.  We will find the perfect match for your experiences and talent level, so request a player profile today!

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