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Xtremeline Baseball Initiates Spring Club Season

High School baseball player at home plate


Xtremeline Baseball School Camp is launching an inaugural spring baseball club league for all high school junior varsity eligible players beginning in late February, 2013.

The club league games will be played on Sunday afternoon as not to interfere with school spring baseball programs. Currently, the Broward County Athletic Association (BCAA) limits junior varsity teams to 15 games in the spring.

According to a former Broward high school coach “Broward County schools have severely limited playing opportunities for baseball players over the last three years to the point that high school programs are unable to develop younger players using game situations.

BCAA schools are at a real disadvantage against not only the rest of the state but also within some districts that include privates not associated with the BCAA. There is a growing need for these programs and hopefully a club format remedy is the bridge that allows teams to comply with existing rules and still get players game experience.”

Xtremeline Baseball’s spring club proposal is a wood bat format with free substitution and pitch limits for all pitchers. There will be a meeting for a potential club members on Monday, February 4th at time and location to be determined.

For additional information please contact us here.

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